Government Ministers have now announced that the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, which will allow married couples to divorce without assigning blame, comes into force on 6th April 2022.

This is much later than originally planned, apparently to allow time for the necessary computer system changes to be made to HMCTS’s online divorce systems.

The “no blame” divorce law has long been anticipated. Couples have often been very reluctant to blame each other for their divorce, and it has never been ideal to find a reason to blame a former partner for the breakdown of a marriage.

Blaming a partner can often lead to resentment and acrimony, and it is not an ideal way to enter into negotiations about how to separate, particularly where there are children involved.

It is hoped that the change in the law will lead to more amicable and collaborative law separations, which ultimately will reduce legal costs and stress for all participants.

Beware of DIY Divorce

Whilst no-fault divorce makes it possible for couples to split without using a solicitor, it is always worth getting expert legal advice when splitting up.

“In theory, you can do all the work yourself and use the new online system to get divorced,” says Aadil Khan of Barrett and Co Solicitors.

“The problem is that even if you agree on everything, children, property, assets, and pensions, it is likely that you are going to miss something or you may not have everything tied up legally.”

“Many couples have one partner who looks after family things whilst another looks after finances. Not knowing how much mortgage there is to pay off, what is in bank accounts, what pensions have been built up, how much monthly outgoings are on various things…all these things need to be factored into a divorce settlement.”

“Relying on your former partner to go along with things is not the same as having a legally enforceable settlement that will endure.”

Get Expert Help from £95.

Having an initial meeting with a solicitor will give you an idea of whether you are able to handle things yourself, and what the likely outcome may be. Even if you decide to go it alone you will at least be forearmed with the knowledge of what you should be doing.

If you are thinking of getting separated or divorced, you may want to have a meeting with Aadil Khan to discuss no-fault divorce.

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