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Legally separating from your spouse is an option many take if they don’t feel the need for an immediate divorce. A separation is often done without legal advice but, at Barrett and Co, we’d encourage seeking advice from our separation solicitors to come to a separation agreement to avoid any uncertainty in the future.

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What is a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement, or Deed of Separation, is a document that outlines the assets of both parties. It should state exactly how each person would like their assets to be dealt in any future divorce proceedings.

A Deed of Separation usually requires the two parties to divide their assets between themselves and disclose details of all of their finances. It’s then the role of the separation lawyer to write this into the separation agreement.

What’s Included in a Separation Agreement?

Every separation agreement will be slightly different as they should be specific to you, your partner and your relationship. Some things that are common in separation agreements include:

  • Finances
  • Debts
  • Property
  • Child arrangements
  • Provisions for future divorce

It’s also important to note that a Deed of Separation would have little impact on any judicial findings – they’re best thought of as a type of contract.

What Are The Benefits of a Separation Agreement?

Protecting Your Interests

By seeking legal advice and entering into a Deed of Separation, you can ensure that your interests are protected. The agreement can cover various aspects, such as property division, financial arrangements, child custody, visitation rights, and support payments. It allows you to have a say in the division of assets and helps avoid potential disputes in the future.

Avoiding Court Proceedings

A Deed of Separation can be an effective way to settle matters outside of court. By coming to an agreement through this process, you and your partner can avoid the time, expense, and stress associated with courtroom battles. Choosing mediation or negotiation through solicitors can foster a cooperative approach, which is especially valuable if there are children involved.

Future Clarity

The uncertainty of the future can be daunting after a separation. A Deed of Separation can provide some sense of security and peace of mind by clarifying financial obligations, custody arrangements, and other critical aspects of the separation. Knowing where you stand can help you plan for the next chapter of your life with greater confidence.

Preserving Relationships

In cases where couples have children together or shared social circles, maintaining a cordial relationship post-separation can be crucial. A well-crafted Deed of Separation can help in reducing conflicts and fostering cooperation between parties, which can be especially beneficial for the emotional well-being of any children involved.

Get Support From Our Separation Solicitors Today

At Barrett and Co, we believe that a well-drafted Deed of Separation can be a valuable tool in easing the complexities of a separation and fostering a more amicable resolution. Our dedicated family law team is here to assist you through this process, providing expert advice, empathetic support, and ensuring your best interests are safeguarded. If you are considering a separation or have any family law-related concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a confidential consultation.

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