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At Barrett and Co, we have a talented team of divorce solicitors based in Reading that are on-hand to help you navigate this potentially difficult period. Our experience, empathy and compassion make us an ideal option for assisting you with the legal side of a divorce or separation from your partner. We understand the ins and outs of these processes and want to use our expertise to give you support when you need it.

Divorce Solicitors

How Can Our Divorce Solicitors Help You?

At Barrett and Co, we recognise that divorce and separation can be emotionally draining for all parties involved. Our compassionate solicitors are here to offer you the support you need during this difficult time. We prioritise listening to your concerns and understanding your unique situation to tailor our legal advice accordingly.

In-depth Legal Understanding

Navigating the legal complexities of divorce and separation can be overwhelming without the right guidance. Our skilled divorce solicitors in Reading are well-versed in family law matters and will explain each step of the process in clear, jargon-free language. We aim to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your future.

Experienced Mediators

While some divorce cases may require litigation, our team at Barrett and Co recognises the value of amicable resolutions. We encourage negotiation and mediation whenever possible to reach fair and mutually beneficial agreements. Our solicitors are skilled negotiators who will tirelessly advocate for your best interests, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Committed To Protecting Your Rights And Assets

Divorce and separation often involve complex financial matters and disputes over property, assets, and child custody. With Barrett and Co Solicitors on your side, you can be confident that your rights and assets will be protected. Our divorce solicitors have a proven track record of successfully handling intricate financial cases, ensuring that you receive what you are entitled to under the law.

Child-Centred Approach

When children are involved, we prioritise their well-being above all else. Our divorce solicitors in Reading take a child-centred approach, aiming to find solutions that safeguard their best interests and maintain healthy parent-child relationships. We believe in fostering an environment that allows children to thrive despite the challenges of divorce or separation.

Do I Need A Solicitor For A Divorce?

Going through a divorce is a significant and often emotionally charged event in anyone’s life. It can be a complex process, involving legal, financial, and personal considerations. One of the most common questions people have when contemplating divorce is whether they need a solicitor. While it’s not a legal requirement to hire a solicitor for divorce, there are compelling reasons why you should seriously consider doing so, including:

  • General legal expertise & objective advice
  • Efficient resolution
  • Reduced stress
  • Added asset protection

If you’d like to hire one of our divorce solicitors to help you, please contact us using the form on this page or by calling us on 0118 958 9711.

How Much Is A Divorce In The UK?

One of the most common questions people have when considering a divorce is, “How much will it cost?” The cost of a divorce in the UK can vary widely depending on several factors. Understanding these factors can help you make informed decisions and plan for the financial aspects of your divorce.

There are different types of fees encountered in a divorce, including:

  • Legal fees
  • Court fees
  • Additional fees: this could be for obtaining necessary documents, valuations of assets, or expert witnesses if your case involves complex financial or child custody issues

Please contact our team if you have any further queries regarding our solicitors fees for divorce.

Divorce Solicitors FAQs

Our Divorce FAQs aims to provide clarity and insight into common questions that arise during this challenging time. Whether you’re seeking guidance on legal processes, financial implications, or emotional support, we’ve curated a comprehensive resource to address your concerns and empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Please note that the answers provided here are for informational purposes, and it’s essential to consult with a qualified solicitor to get personalised advice and guidance based on your specific situation.

The duration of a divorce process can vary widely based on several factors. In the UK, a straightforward uncontested divorce typically takes around 4-6 months. However, if there are disputes over financial matters, child custody, or other issues, the process can take significantly longer. It’s important to consult with a solicitor who can provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific circumstances.

In the UK, there is only one legal ground for divorce, which is the “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” To establish this ground, you must prove one of the following five facts:

  1. Adultery
  2. Unreasonable behaviour
  3. Desertion for at least two years
  4. Separation with consent for at least two years
  5. Separation without consent for at least five years

Choosing the appropriate fact depends on the circumstances of your marriage and is a critical part of initiating divorce proceedings. If you don’t quite feel you need an immediate divorce, you could consider a separation agreement.

A no-fault divorce is a divorce where neither party is required to prove that the other spouse did something wrong to cause the marriage to break down. In the UK, facts such as adultery or unreasonable behaviour are not required to be proven.

Instead, a no-fault divorce is based on the mutual decision that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This can be established by demonstrating a period of separation or simply by mutual consent.

In a divorce, both spouses have financial rights that are protected by the law. These rights include the right to a fair share of the marital assets, the right to financial support or maintenance (if applicable), and the right to ensure that any financial agreements are legally binding. Understanding your financial rights is crucial, and it’s advisable to consult with a solicitor to protect your interests during the divorce process.

A cohabitation agreement, also known as a “living together agreement,” is a legal document that outlines the financial and property arrangements between individuals who are living together but not married.

It can address various issues such as property ownership, financial contributions, and the distribution of assets in case the relationship ends. Cohabitation agreements are essential for protecting the interests of unmarried couples and ensuring clarity in the event of separation.

A financial settlement, often referred to as a “divorce settlement,” is an agreement reached between divorcing spouses regarding the division of assets, property, and financial matters.

This agreement outlines how assets, debts, and income will be distributed, including provisions for child support and maintenance if applicable. A financial settlement is a critical component of the divorce process and aims to provide a fair and legally binding resolution to financial issues arising from the divorce.

Trusted Advocates For Divorce And Separation In Reading

Barrett and Co has earned a reputation as a trusted law firm for divorce and separation cases in Reading and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to personalised attention, legal excellence, and client satisfaction sets us apart from the rest. When you choose our services, you can be assured that you are partnering with a team that genuinely cares about your future and will work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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