Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Solicitors in Reading

Managing a dispute is never easy. Commercial litigation can be a daunting prospect for all involved but, with the right solicitors, you can feel confident of achieving a successful outcome. While it might not be ideal for your case to go to court, sometimes it’s the only option and we’re here to support you through this.

The commercial litigation team at Barrett and Co have a proven track record of helping clients come out of a dispute with their desired outcome. We have experience helping claimants and defendants across a variety of sectors.

How Can Our Commercial Litigation Solicitors Help You?

Our team have an unrivalled level of experience when it comes to commercial litigation. We’re able to support you through a variety of disputes, including the following:

  • Breaches of contract / passing off
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Debt recovery

How Long Does Commercial Litigation Take?

It’s difficult to give a concrete answer to this, as there are many factors that will dictate how long your case will take to conclude. All claims have a limitation date, which means there is a time limit for how long the claimant has to bring the case to court. For example, a breach of contract claim has a time limit of six years from the date of breach. Once the claim gets to trial, which could take months in itself, it could take around 3-6 months for it to come to a conclusion.

Court proceedings can be time consuming and costly, which is why finding some sort of agreement between the parties before getting to this point is often preferable. If you’d like to learn more about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), please get in touch with us directly.

Why Choose Our Commercial Litigation Solicitors?

Barrett and Co combine experience with professionalism and determination to get the best outcome for you. Our team of dedicated commercial litigation solicitors will maintain a high-level of communication with you throughout your claim to ensure that things progress as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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